Searching for a good Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide can be a huge hassle, especially if you do not know where to begin. With just so many Starcraft 2 Strategy Guides readily available on the marketplace, just trying to separate the fluff from the real stuff is enough to leave you completely exhausted.

How do I know? Well, that’s because I’ve been there and done that, and let me tell you one thing, my personal quest for the best Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide has been nothing short of frustrating and tiring.

As such, I’ve taken the liberty to write this informative article that will provide you with some sort of checklist, so as to ensure that you make an informed decision prior to purchasing any Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide. Also, by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be able to effectively evaluate for yourself, as to whether or not the Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide you are considering is worth purchasing.

Who Is It Written By?

The first thing you must understand, is that no two guides are created equal. Neither are their creators equal too! As such, the very first thing you need to know is who the author of the guide is. See…the truth is this: Not all the guides out there are created by experts or professional players who know what they are actually saying. Such guides as a Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide can be easily duplicated, and you could be in for a lot of fakes if you are not too careful.

Always be sure to do your prior homework. Do some research to make sure that the guide you are considering purchasing is written by a pro or expert gamer. Why? The reason is simple: Pro/Expert Starcraft 2 players have dedicated a lot of their time and their efforts to creating a good quality Starcraft 2 Strategy Guides that are aimed to help both newbie and advanced players alike get started and become very good in a significantly less amount of time than that they would take to discover all of the game’s secrets and tips on their own

Who Is The Guide Meant For?

The next thing to consider is who is the guide meant for. This means that you need to take into account your own level of Starcraft 2 gaming skill when deciding whether a particular guide is right for you. For example, some guides only cover the basic fundamentals of the game, and is best suited for people who are totally new to playing Starcraft, whereas some other guides cover purely intermediate/advanced strategies and are geared towards gamers who have been playing Starcraft 2 for awhile.

By taking your own skill level into consideration, you will be able to know for yourself whether what a particular guide offers is suited for you or not. If you are an advanced player looking to level up into the Diamond League, you would surely not purchase a guide that only offers and teaches basic stuff. The reverse is also true.

The best thing would be that you are able to get a guide that covers different strategies for ALL levels. This means that regardless of whether you are a newbie or advanced player, you will be able to find strategies suitable for your skill level, all from one single guide. That way, you will be able to save money. Instead of having to purchase 2 separate strategy guides- one for basic, one for advanced, you can now purchase one guide but be able to get everything you need.

Ideally, you would want to get a Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide that will not only cover the basic/advanced/expert strategies of the game, but will also teach you and show you how to eventually formulate and create your own gaming strategies. This is very important. Think about this, if everyone were to be using the same set of strategies against each other, the entire Starcraft 2 gaming arena would eventually become jaded, leaving not much fun left in the game. However, when you learn how to create your own strategies, you can keep the game alive ensuring that the fun and enjoyment doesn’t die down.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prior to making any purchase, you also need to factor in the cost of the guide itself. Starcraft 2 Strategy Guides are dime a dozen. You can find many such guides on the marketplace and the cost varies. Generally the cost of purchasing a Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide ranges from $37.00 to $77.00. As most of these guides are readily downloadable online, please be aware that it doesn’t necessarily mean that expensive equals better. There have been instances where I have purchased a $77.00 Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide only to find that the content/strategies inside can be found in another guide that costs only $37.00. Personally, I would NEVER pay more than $47.00 for a Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide and I’d strongly suggest you set your price comfort to the same level too.

Also, you need to check carefully that whether the cost of the guide is a recurring cost i.e. billed monthly or a one-time fee. New strategies and techniques are always being formulated and released by pro players, but personally, I would NOT pay for anything that would require me to be charged a certain amount monthly. I would normally prefer to make a once-off payment and get everything including the future updates for free.

What Do You Get For Your Investment?

As with anything else, you need to know exactly what you will be getting for your investment. For starters, check out the website of the Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide you are considering, and look for positive user reviews. See what others who have purchased and used it before have to say. Do some Google research to see if there is anyone providing an in-depth review of the guide you are considering. Go to YouTube and see if there is anyone who did a video review that can show you exactly what you will be getting for your money’s worth.

One thing you must understand, is that when it comes to learning/understanding the different Starcraft 2 strategies for the 3 different races, just plain text and images alone will NOT suffice. It is always better to watch video replays with voice narration, that explicitly shows you and explains to you how and when the strategies are being executed. That way, you will be able to learn/absorb and master it faster. Some of the Starcraft 2 Strategy Guides out there offer only PDF text ebooks, which are useless on its own, unless they are complemented with video replays and commentaries. So please be sure that you only get a Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide that offers different formats i.e. videos, text, audios, images, to help you shorten your learning curve tremendously.

Is There Any Refund or Moneyback Guarantee?

This is one point I simply can’t stress enough. As mentioned above, most of the Starcraft 2 Strategy Guides offered on the marketplace today come in the form of digital downloads, meaning to say that the moment you hand over the money, you are able to download or access the guide instantly. As with buying anything online, there may be some moments of disappointment, where you simply feel that what you paid for is worthless. When such situations arise, getting a refund from these merchants should be just as simple as making your purchase in the first instance.

Always make sure that the Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide you are intending to purchase comes with a 100% moneyback guarantee. Most of the guides that are currently found on the marketplace offer a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. This means that anytime within a 60 day period, should you feel that you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can approach their online support desk for a full refund, no questions asked.

Does Your Purchase Comes With Free Future Updates?

Finally, it is crucial that you choose a Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide that offers you FREE updates for life. Let’s face it, new strategies are being formulated everyday like clockwork, by all those pros and experts out there. And if you need to pay for every new strategy/technique that gets released by the author, you are gonna go broke very soon. Make sure that your initial purchase allows you to get access to future updates, new strategies and new techniques for FREE. Absolutely no 2 ways about that.


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