Zygor Guide Review
If you are looking to buy Zygor Leveling Guide but are worried about the efficiency of this product due to the negative online reviews claiming that this product is a ‘SCAM’ then first of all, I want to tell you that Zygor Leveling Guide is an absolutely genuine product with some great features to offer. However, it is difficult to say if this product is the best but it is certainly one of the top leveling guides available out there.

What is Zygor Leveling Guide and what is it for?
For people who don’t know much about this product, Zygor Leveling Guide is a faster aid for in-game wow leveling. It helps players to level faster than what they can without using this program. Zygor also eliminates the need to continuously use Alt-Tab for swapping through windows of game and the guide.

Why use Zygor?
Well latest version of Zygor 3.0 comes with some robust features. You can even easily level to 85 for the Loremaster achievement. Zygor 3.0 also offers an improved Smart Injection System with some pre-leveled characters, heirlooms etc. Here is what you get from the latest version of Zygor.

  • Zygor 3.0 is completely updated for Patch 4.2 and cataclysm.
  • The user interface can be customized with full view and minimalist modes.
  • It provides the Smart Injection system that offers Syncs guide with Dungeon Leveling, Heirlooms, Recruit-A-Friend and Pre-leveled character choices.
  • Zygor 3.0 also provides Loremaster Guide at no extra cost which covers all game zones.
  • In-Game Talent Build Advisor helps the user to efficiently invest the talent points.
  • This new version of Zygor also offers a built in Waypoint Arrow.

How does Zygor guide works?
Zygor Guide offers a very friendly user interface. The window is resizable, very sleek and convenient to work on. It provides everything you need to complete the tasks and you will find details even about the slightest of things. So there is no need to locate the website for help or a PDF file for, you can just stay on the interface for all answers. Moreover, Zygor Guide also shows you the optimized path to complete more quests in less time.

You will also find a waypoint arrow that can be moved anywhere on the screen to reach the target. This feature has been included in the new version so you can get your task done more efficiently and in less time. Additionally, Zyor Leveling Guide offers Automation, which means that now you will not have to manually switch the windows from game to guide. It will also select the next quests automatically.

The guide even remembers where you left your quest. So now you really don’t have to remember the place where you left. Moreover, you can even start with any level you like. The interface makes it really easy to scroll through the levels and quests. You can click any quest and start working on it. However, the guide suggests to start a little early like a level or two before your chosen level so you can work on the local quest chains.

What bonuses do I get?
Zygor Leveling Guide offers some bonus features and services with every buy so you can enjoy the product for a lifetime. So will you get?

  • You will get free updates for a lifetime.
  • You get Talent Build Guide to optimize the use of talent points.
  • You also get Nether Drake Mount Guide to get information about getting your own Nether Drake Mount.
  • You get a Death Knight Class Guide.
  • You also get an Inscription Profession Leveling Guide.

What flaws are there in Zygor Leveling Guide?
Well you can’t really say that this Guide is flawless. Like any other product this one also has some cons which may bother you. So let’s check out the flaws.

    • Details– The detail are not helpful sometimes as you may end up making mistakes without detailed information about the quests. They really need to update some more details. There are also some spelling mistakes in the info.

    • Sales Page– Zygor irritates you with these promotion pages shouting BUY NOW and LIMITED BONUS. It seems too pushy so you may wonder that why would they incorporate such a thing when I have paid for this.

    • Bugs– You may come across some bugs or glitches very now and then. However, can be reported on the forum to get a solution.

  • Enemy problem– In many cases you will find that the enemies come in a level to which they don’t’ belong. Although, it is not much of a problem for experts, beginners may feel a bit frustrated.

What are the best features of Zygor Leveling Guide?
Zygor Guide is one of the best leveling guides for offering some great features and its flaws are very less in comparison to the pros of this product. Let’s explore some of them.

    • Flexibility: Zygor Guide is very flexible to users’ needs, it provides the power to add or remove features. You can even start from anywhere you like skipping the chain of quests.

    • Waypoint Arrow: This is surely one great thing to have. The Waypoint Arrow will take you to the right direction displaying the time and distance to reach the required destination.

    • Installation: Zygor 3.0, which is the most advanced version of this guide, comes with an installation wizard to help you out during the installation process. You can also take a video tour if there is any problem.

    • Compatibility: Zygor Leveling Guide is equally compatible for Windows and MAC.

    • Support: It provides unmatched support network. Anytime you need help or you have a bug to report just go to the forum and report the matter.

    • Auto Tracking: Now Auto tracking is an impressive feature too, every time you complete a quest, the guide will support you in questions like where to go and what to do.

    • Info and Tips: Zygor Guide provides information on each quest with regular tips on how to complete a specific quest. However, this feature needs to be more appealing.

    • Updates: It offers lifetime support and updates to cope up with the ever changing environment.

  • Ease: The interface of Zygor 3.0 is very easy to use. You don’t really need to switch windows several times like when using a PDF file or website for reference.

So should you buy Zygor Leveling Guide? In my opinion yes you should. It is a fast and accurate way of levling the game which offers full value for its money. If you have never tried Zygor then I recommend using a trial version to find out what it is all about and if did then I really don’t need to say more. In my opinion the Unique Selling Points of this product are:

  • Accuracy with speed;
  • Frequent updates; and
  • Support

I recommend Zygor for its ease of use. If you are a beginner or an expert, Zygor 3.0 is for you. I don’t say that it is the best leveling program but surely it is among the top crop and a recommended buy.


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